Tips for completing the form

​Design description of the requested piece:

This is the stage that you should list as much information about the design that you have in mind: Tell us who the jewelry is for, what event it is for: an engagement, birthday, anniversary, what style do you prefer, white gold, yellow or pink gold? Gemstones, or perhaps a combination of the two, how many stones you'd like to have, how large the stones will be? In short, anything you can add will help us.

Select an image for inspiration:

Budget sharing:

Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words; here you can attach any picture you think will help us understand the piece of jewelry you want to design. If you have a picture of the jewelry you like - excellent, we'd love to see it. If you have any other image that can guide us to the style you prefer, we are entirely open, some will attach a picture of an animal, others a picture of a shirt, or any other related object, you can send a picture of a special color or even architecture that you feel is relevant.

Because this is a custom design, we can best match it to the budget you determine. What most affects the price, of course, are the materials from which to make the jewelry. A budget framework will help us decide which materials we can choose. If you have no idea how much you intend to invest - that's okay too! We would be happy to talk with you and set a realistic budget.

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