It is very likely that you arrived here because you are in the midst of thorough research on the subject, you have already been impressed by our work, the jewelry we have created, and now you want one too. That's great.


First of all, it is important to us to say that the process you will undergo with us is an enjoyable one, focusing mainly on who you are and the inspiration you have, to create a unique piece of jewelry. We listen to you, to your desires, and your story - so that we can get to know you, and, ultimately produce the exact piece of jewelry you have always wanted.


Talk to discuss expectations

You can contact us in any way that comes to mind - and we promise that no matter how you contact us, you'll always get the warmest, personal, dedicated and most available customer service - we're here for you.


After our first discussion (we promise it won't be embarrassing), we invite you to fill out a personal questionnaire so we can get to know each other personally. We want to hear from you about the purpose of the jewelry, the design you love, your budget, and especially your inspiration about how the piece will look - from there we will take care of everything.


Preliminary sketch - alterations

Enough talking! It's time to start designing. At this point, you will get an initial sketch (in 2D and without colors) where you can see how your jewelry will look - exciting no?

It is important that you know: if you want to change or correct anything, this is the stage where anything is possible.

After you approve the design - we move on to the next step.


3D model: approve the design

We are almost done when we reach this stage. You will get a 3D simulation, in color, of the design of your jewelry. Thanks to the technology we have, we can carry out virtual simulations of the jewelry on one's finger, neck, ears, etc (depending on the type of jewelry). This is the second to last step, and at this point, you can still make changes if you wish. Once you've approved everything - we will go on to the next step.


Jewelry production and shipping

OK, now we're excited, are you?

After we have finished with the talking, the sketches, and the 3D design, all you have to do is wait for the courier to bring you the piece of jewelry that we have made together, to your front door, packed like the gift you always wanted to receive. Of course, you can always come down to our offices, at the diamond tower in the Diamond Exchange area of Ramat Gan. You're always welcome!

Ready to design with us?

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