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Is there a storefront that I can visit?

No. We do not have a physical store, which allows us to focus solely on quality and service to provide you with the highest quality product - at a better price than any jewelry store.Our offices are located in the Diamond Tower, in the Israel Diamond Exchange area of Ramat Gan, where you can collect your jewelry and make sure it is perfect.

Is there a qualified gemologist working for the company?

Of course. We employ a qualified gemologist who is an integral part of our service team. If you have any questions, you can contact and consult with him.

Who designs the jewelry?

We work with the most professional 3D jewelry designers on the Israel Diamond Exchange. Each of our designers specializes in a particular design style so that the designer who produces the jewelry for you has designed similar jewelry in the past and can give you the most professional service.

Ring size and engravings

How do I find my ring size?

You can find appropriate ring sizes at can also contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

What if I accidentally ordered the wrong size?

Each customer is entitled to resize the ring at no cost - within 60 days of purchase. Contact us, send us the ring and we will return it to you once its ready.

All the rings on our site have the name "Guy Tsur" on them, will this also appear on my ring?

"Guy Tsur" appears on the rings on the site to copyright protect them. Your ring will have a stamp indicating the metal type (14KT, 18KT, platinum, etc.) and a "GT" mark.

Do you add engravings on rings and jewelry?

Yes. We will be happy to make a personal engraving on your jewelry, for free.

Our diamonds and gems

How can I be sure that the diamonds I receive are the same diamonds I ordered?

Each diamond or gem we send comes with a gemological certificate from certified gemological laboratories such as HRD/GIA/AGS/IGI, who have examined all the unique components and characteristics of your diamond and have given their official approval over the tests performed.

I found a diamond I love, how do I know it's available?

In 99.99% of cases, the diamond on the database will be available. It is important to note, however, that the diamonds have the potential to be sold at any moment and that while you are thinking about buying it, someone else could purchase the diamond you want.

What is the quality of the diamonds and gems you use?

All of our jewelry is made from the finest materials.Also, we do everything to make sure we use high-quality diamonds.Ultimately, the choice is yours; your budget will determine the quality of the diamond used in your jewelry.

Do you use laser-treated diamonds with improved clarity or color?

We only use diamonds that are 100% natural and are not treated in any way.

Are the gemstones you use synthetic or natural?

We use only natural gemstones.

Are the gems you use treated with heat?

Yes. It is very common to heat gemstones. Warming the stone improves its color and clarity and makes the gem more beautiful. Sometimes a colorless oil, wax or resin is used to give the gem a shine. Today, most of the gemstones on the market are heated or treated in some way.

Payments and costs

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept all credit cards. You can also pay with PayPal or wire transfer.

Our website is secure and payment details are encrypted, therefore you can use a credit card on the site.You can also call us and pay by phone, where you may need to provide additional documentation such as a driver's license, a photocopy of the credit card, etc., for certain items and transactions.

How does the payment process work?

Your first payment is for the design only and is made after completing the questionnaire, and, expectations discussion stages respectively.The cost is affected by the complexity of the 3D model or design: Lesser complexity $200 / medium complexity $300 / higher complexity $400 - in any case, the amount you pay for the design is an advance for the rest of the payment. After the piece is designed and the 3D model is approved, the rest of the amount must be paid for the manufacturing. In other words, only after you have approved the jewelry design you will be asked to transfer the remaining amount for the purchase of the materials and the manufacturing of the jewelry.

How much will my jewelry cost?

Unlike any jewelry retail store, every piece of jewelry we make starts as an idea, so it's hard to estimate its price at the beginning. To know how much it will cost, we need to know a bit more about the piece you hope to create. The easiest way to get an idea of the cost of your jewelry is to contact us and we can provide a quick assessment after consultation with you.

What are the payment terms? Can I make multiple payments?(for Israel only)

We understand that for many this is a significant expense and therefore we allow up to 12 payments without interest on your purchase.

Is custom jewelry more expensive than other jewelry?

Although our jewelry is custom designed, and, it is of the highest standards, we, unlike jewelry retail stores, can keep costs down by using the most efficient ways to provide you with your product.

We produce custom jewelry for you, which is of much higher quality than what you'd find at a store, and, with prices similar to what you find in the store. Unlike a retailer, here you have the opportunity to customize your jewelry rather than to own a piece of jewelry that has been mass produced.

Is it possible to see its design before paying for the piece itself?

Yes. We want to be sure that the piece we produce for you is the piece you want, so we send you a 3D model of the jewelry before payment.It is important to note that before we design the piece in 3D, we require a deposit, which will be taken off of the final costs.

You can collect your jewelry from our office to make sure that you have received the same piece you ordered, and, make sure that there is no technical problem with your order.

Can I cancel my order after design-before manufacturing?

Yes. If you decide to cancel, the deposit you paid will be returned to you proportionately, while calculating the working time up to that point.

Orders and shipment

How long does it take to get the jewelry?

In most cases, your jewelry will reach you within 7 business days (complex pieces may take 10 business days) from the time of the final design approval and payment of the piece (Shipping abroad within +5 business days). When it comes to creating a personal piece of jewelry, we adapt ourselves to your pace. If the design stage moves quickly, we will be able to produce quickly, but on the other hand, to get the most custom jewelry, what you have always wanted, we do not urge you to hurry. Some customers will exchange a few messages with us and already know what they want to design, and some customers will take a few more days. We're here at your own pace.

When ordering jewelry for a destination outside of Israel, who receives payment for taxes? Do I pay Guy Tsur directly, to a shipping company or someone else?

When you make an international order, we will send you the jewelry for free. However, each country has different laws and taxes on products that come into its territory, so, the courier company will contact you and let you know that the jewelry has reached its destination and what payments must be made to receive it.

I have a diamond that I want to incorporate in a personal piece of jewelry, is it possible?

Yes. Whether you choose to buy a diamond through us or have a diamond that you would like to incorporate into your jewelry, we are here to do it for you. For us to place your diamond in the jewelry, you will need to send the diamond to us, or, visit our office at the Israel Diamond Exchange in Ramat Gan. It is important to emphasize that we will do everything possible and take every precaution to ensure that your diamond is securely embedded in your jewelry, but we cannot be responsible for any damage that may occur during the work.

Who do I call if I have questions about the order or if I want to cancel it?

For any questions you may have about your order you can contact us by calling +972-39153565 or by contacting us on our website. You can send an email to, and we will reply to you quickly.

In the event of a cancellation of your order, it is important to emphasize that it can only be canceled before the manufacturing stage. When canceling there is a partial refund excluding the payment for the actual working time up to the point at which you decide to cancel.

What is your refund policy?

Each piece of our jewelry is unique and has been custom-designed - together with you, so they cannot be returned. To prevent such cases, we do not manufacture the piece until you have not confirmed the 3D design. If there is a technical flaw in the jewelry – we are responsible!If you happen to be dissatisfied with the result, please contact us, and we will do everything to resolve the issue.

To which countries can you send jewelry?

We ship to more than 30 countries around the world. However, there are countries with customs laws and restrictions that do not allow the delivery of our products and therefore, we can not provide orders. If you are not sure if your country is on our delivery map, please contact us and we will be happy to check.

Lifetime warranty, insurance

What is covered by the lifetime warranty you offer?

All of our jewelry is manufactured using the highest quality materials and is tested before any shipment. But...just in case, if your ring setting ever has issues due to our craftsmanship, we'll repair or replace it free of charge. Moreover, our lifetime warranty includes clasp tightening, polishing, rhodium plating and cleaning services for the purchased jewelry.

Do you provide insurance for jewelry?

No. Every piece of jewelry you order from us will be accompanied by a full insurance offer from one of the diamond jewelry companies located on the diamond exchange (if you wish). We will try to do our best to help you get the lowest price for your jewelry insurance.

Privacy and security

Are purchases made on the site secured?

Yes. We make sure that all purchases made through us are secured by using the latest cybersecurity solutions. Also, our site uses credit card encryption and protection technology to ensure a safe and positive experience.

Will my personal information be transferred to a third party?

No. Not one piece of your information is transferred to any third party.

Education and questions

I would like to read a little bit about jewelry and diamonds before ordering. Do you have an Education Center?

Of course! You are welcome to visit our Education Center and read comprehensive guides about buying jewelry and diamonds. If you still haven't found what you were looking for and things are not so clear to you .. it's ok :) Feel free to contact us and we will try to help as much as we can.

I don't know what budget I'm supposed to allocate to the piece of jewelry I want to create, what should I do in such situation?

We wrote a special article on this subject, which is more than likely to answer your question. And if not ,we are always available for any question or deliberation.

I don't know how to choose the design of the the piece of jewelry i want to create , what should I do?

Many customers ask us this question, so we decided to write an article on the subject. We are pretty sure that the artical will resolve the dilemma.

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