About Us

Whether you are in touch with the design world or not, we believe that each of us should be able to decide exactly how their jewelry will look.

Each piece of jewelry that we design for our customers, is done with precision and love while listening to your input. This is done out of a genuine desire to give you the most exceptional product made from the highest-quality raw materials that the market has to offer - all without exceeding your budget.

Engagement or a wedding rings, women's diamond jewelry, and men's jewelry have the potential to be a lot more meaningful. They can accompany you during the most beautiful moments of your life and can tell an exciting, charming and unique story.

Why Us?

Personal service

Unlike other jewelry stores, retail chain or website, we do not design large amounts of our jewelry, so, every piece is unique and personal. The jewelry we create is based on your style and inspiration, and all are produced by the leading professionals in the field. The process we go through enables us to give each customer personal attention. We get to know you and offer support for any professional questions you may have on the way to making the perfect piece of jewelry. Furthermore, unlike other stores that sell jewelry based on what's in stock, before designing a custom piece, we set expectations with you, so the design you choose will fit the budget you define - it doesn't get more personal than that.


An exceptional customer service experience

From the stage of our first contact, getting to know you personally and listening to your thoughts about the jewelry you want to create, through the sketches and 3D designs we make for you, to the manufacturing stage, "picture-perfect ring review" before shipment and delivery of your jewelry its self - it is important to us that you get personal, dedicated and professional attention. You are our partners on this path, and we believe that your inspiration, with our expertise, will become an incredible piece of jewelry that will accompany you throughout your life.


Choose the diamond you'll wear

Another exclusive option we offer is we let you choose the specific stone that will be used in your unique piece of jewelry - something that would be hard for you to find with other stores or websites. We allow you to choose the diamonds for your jewelry, from a pool of diamonds from all the diamond exchanges around the world. This is virtually an endless selection of polished stones. We also provide fast delivery and very competitive prices; thanks to the reputation we have built in the diamond community – All that’s left to do is – choose.

Lifetime warranty

All of our jewelry is manufactured using the highest quality materials and is tested before any shipment. But...just in case, if your piece of jewelry setting ever will have issues due to our craftsmanship, we'll repair or replace it free of charge. Moreover, our lifetime warranty includes clasp tightening, polishing, rhodium plating and cleaning services for the purchased jewelry.

Lifetime Customer Service

Need help getting your ring insured? Wondering how to get it clean and sparkly again? Anxious about a stone setting getting loose? Engagement rings and diamond jewelry get worn for a lifetime, so we'll be around just as long to offer you support.



The company was founded by Guy Tsur, a jewelry designer, diamond dealer, and member of the Israel Diamond Exchange, who has years of professional jewelry design and diamond trainings, as well as practical experience as a diamond jewelry designer.

Guy began his professional career in the jewelry industry with his family's business, and after he felt that he had accumulated enough experience and practical knowledge, he turned to fulfill the goal of creating a platform that would provide everyone with the ability to create exquisite diamond jewelry - personally designed.

The current pace of life and the unique personal taste that every consumer expects today, led him to conclude that the choice of diamond jewelry can be made remotely, on demand, and according to ones preferred style and budget.

The innovative ability to create 3D jewelry designs and Guy's skill in the craft gave birth to the website, which was built while thinking about every step in the design and manufacturing process, which gives him and his skilled team the chance to create the highest-quality jewelry, with reliability and professionalism.

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